Thursday, January 9, 2014

Statistics and the naked ape

New chart, about like last years, actually I think this year the percent presenting against global warming is even closer to zero.  1 author out of 9136 with 2258 published findings, only 1 against.

What else in life has this strong a case?  1/9137 is a pretty small fraction for 40 or 50% of the public to hang their beliefs on, if that doesn't crush your faith in homo sapiens intellect nothing will.

This morning in my paper they printed another conspiracy opinion, scientist are making it up, they're  evil.  The climate articles and authors are from all around the world, from places that don't agree on god or borders or anything else, from various academic disciples who fuss and snipe daily.  It is impossible they would all falsify their individual projects to the same ends, work together in a plot, or that 9,136 geeks and gurus could keep it secret, it would be an even greater  statistically improbability.


  1. The only conspiracy connected with the Global Warming issue, is coming from the right wing of this country. Balderdash...balderdash...and balderdash. Damn fools, one and all.

  2. The reason they can't agree on the overwhelming evidence, once they admit we are fucked for not doing something to change, then they would have to do something to change, otherwise they look like they are the bad guys. Until then they can pretend within their minds they are the good guys.


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