Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dear Ed Show, Dear MSNBC:

Democrat former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer pulled one over on The Ed Show yesterday.  Ed lapped it up, out of ignorance I presume.  The governor shilled for Canadian Tar Sands Keystone Pipeline.  Ed handed him the chance to beg for the pipes approval, and put forth a number of false statements like below.
The pipe could take the dangerous exploding trains off the tracks, and put the tar sands crap in the safest pipeline in the world.   Total crap.  The tar sands mine is already producing more than can go through the pipe and they are expanding at a rapid pace.  We will end up with a pipe that can leak or explode as demonstrated in the last few days and months, AND, the trains of dangerous tar sand gunk will continue rumbling through our towns, the number of trains will probably grow.
He also said this will help us have more oil and gas.  This is not true, or not much, Valero and the other major recipient of this poison on the Gulf Coast have already, it's in their stock reports, signed contracts to refine it here and export almost 100% of it.  What we get more of is pollution and mountains of dangerous waste from one of the dirtiest hardest to refine petroleum sources on earth.
Ed, you fucked up, you didn't have any knowledge of the facts, your staff didn't get you up to speed, or your OK with this, either way I really now consider much of your reporting to be suspect.

I wanted to email Ed, can't find a goddamn address for him, only the twitter shit, fuck a bunch of twitter.


  1. I forwarded your blog to Ed Show and We Got Ed via Twitter. We'll see what happens.

    1. Thanks Sherry, lets see if there is a reason why he didn't ask about these issues. Maybe he understands it and is OK with it, like the Kochs.

  2. The oil is being exported! Why not refine it and sell it here to lower out dependence on forign oil? Oh! Nailed a tank of gas at $2.99 just across the state line (still north of the Ohio River) in Kentucky - $3.14 at the Shell by Mom's. As far as the pipelines go - they are about as unsafe as the railroads. Ever wonder how old the rivets are on the Alaskan pipeline? If freezing and thawing is fucking up sewers in Evansville, Indiana - what about up there with the 55 below zero shit?


    1. The oil companies don't want it here, that would only drive up supply and price down. They have contracts for it in other countries at a higher price. They actually want to drive prices up here by getting permits to export more of our own, currently restircted. There is little chance of prices falling much because they are going to refine only what is needed, keeping a market balance that supports the transfer of wealth more or less as it is. As the vet group Operation Free says, until we get off the fossil fuel economy we have no energy security and infact we may fight more wars over it. If you ever buy another car or appliance, get one that doesn't use much energy, it's the only way to slow the strangle hold on the economy and foreign policy the oil industry enjoys.


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