Wednesday, January 8, 2014

And that's the way it could be.

In the 70's a law passed limiting how much oil the US could export.  This was to halt (limit actually) greedy oil men shipping our oil out, driving up our price at the pump and as a national security issue making sure we had a source all to our selves following OPEC's embargo and high prices.
Since Obama came to Washington he has given so much to the oil companies it makes me wonder about the guy, plus with new drilling technologies we now pump more than Iran, almost as much as Saudi Arabia, and growing daily.  Yet, even when we drive less and our cars require less, we still import oil, such is the demand.
The GOP working for their oil company owners to push to undo the export restrictions.
Currently we export hugh amounts of oil, a small amount as raw oil, but mostly as refined diesel, gasoline, lubricants, chemicals.
Rather than continue to reduce imports with our own oil, they want to open the gates and export much of what we have, bringing in higher priced Saudi Oil and shipping out our lower priced oil, it's a money game that profits 1%.  The result for consumers we get higher prices at the pump.  For the environment more drilling, fracking, spills, burning trains, eminent domain forced pipelines, less wilderness, and as every other oil rich backwater - more corruption.

All this, plus the fact that much of the worlds terrorist are funded directly or overtly by OPEC nations and other oil rich enemies of ours underlines in the strongest terms why we should be busting our humps to get off fossil fuel, demand energy efficient appliances, cars, trucks, buildings, retailers.  We can cash starve much of the worlds evil if we get off fossil fuel.  As the largest consumer economy, when products are changed to meet our energy standards, much of the world gets the same product and benefit.  Example, 40 and 60 watt incandescent bulbs have also been outlawed in many cities and countries around the world.


  1. Darrel,
    We do not need the Keystone pipeline however I do approve of oil exploration in the Chuckchi Sea off northwest Alaska. We should use American oil here first. You cut the cost of gas by $2 a gallon and happy days are here again....


    1. Ron, Alaska oil is never going to cut gas by $2 gal. Today the energy dept. said gasoline supply is up, and oil trading fell 1.5%. By Jan. 2015 production will be up 64% over 2011, and look at prices, still bouncing within the same range of the last few years. Price is set on world markets by trade and speculators yanking the market around, but with small local influences such as the glut through the central states ND to TX. They are not going to let it fall $2. At that price they cannot continue to drill offshore or frac. Saudi and other Opec's will slow or stop pumping to force supply to meet demand at near $100 a barrel, the target these last few years, they have done it before. The oil drillers, refiners, companies here have no interest in seeing it go down $2. The last thing they want is for you to keep $2 every time you buy a gallon. Ain't gonna happen, unless, we can use so dam little of it thats all they can get out of it, conservation is what they fear, and batteries, and quick charge stations.


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