Friday, January 3, 2014

Food Rant, 1.1, Chicken

Every couple of weeks I hear someone say "oh I am trying to eat healthier", and chicken or turkey comes up as their road to health.  Bullshit, or should I say chickenshit!
Before you read what's wrong with chicken and turkey, first 3 things that will make it even more dangerous.
*A new rule allows US chicken to be slaughtered here, shipped to China for butchering, shipped back to your store or restaurant.
*FDA has let 4 chicken processing plants take over their own meat inspections, over time most chicken processors will operate without government oversight for food safety.
*FDA has approved an increase in line speed, spotting bad meat or filth will be even less likely.
Now here is where we already are:
*48 million illnesses each year from food, mostly from meat, much of it chicken.
*2 million ill, and 23,000 dead from antibiotic resistant bacteria.
*Samples from around the nation, almost all had multiple kinds of bacteria.
*50%+ contained chicken shit.
*Salmonella 16%, Campylobacter 56%, E. coli 78%, Entero 84%, Klebsiella 28%, Staph 23%.
*About 16% of these were drug resistant varieties.
*Children riding in shopping carts, 15% of carts have traces of these same germs.
*Kitchen, no matter how careful you are, these germs are on counter tops, light switches, door handles, even though you wipe down things with soap, have you ever watched a CSI show, microscopic blood splatter from handling (or stabbing (people)) raw meat is absolutely impossible to prevent, bring chicken in the kitchen and you get these germs in your petri dish.  And some are resistant to cleaning agents and can live a few days on surfaces.
*And the worst, the supreme tragedy, pregnant women eating chicken regularly, have boys with smaller willies than mommies who went bird free.

Eat plants.

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