Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ben LaBolt: Mitt Romney's Offshore Bank Accounts and Tax Returns

This video leaves out the statements Romney made when he ran for Senate that the Kennedy's blind trust was bogus, saying of course the owner of the trusts gives instructions and knows what is happening in the trust. Now it's different, he claims blind trusts owners don't have any control over their own money and can't direct it or even know where it is.  So which is true?  Once again the Scum Dog Millionaire owns both positions of an argument.

Look, I am all for American business making money, people succeeding, growing a business and living in a swell house, vacationing in Europe.  I am not against wealth.  I am against lying cheating tax dodging moneygrubbers who lay off people, offshore jobs, funnel money out of the country,  like drug dealers, they ruin ordinary peoples lives, pull money out of local economies, they don't care about America, they don't pay tax or at least not like middle class, and they bully the public by owning the legislature and judicial.


  1. Romney will have a problem with his Swiss bank accounts and tax returns. Yet, Lindsey Graham
    claims that cheating on your taxes is "American".


    1. Ron, of course the GOP is ok with cheating on taxes, the richest have many rights we don't.

  2. Mitt, do as your father did and release the past 12 years of tax returns.

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