Sunday, July 15, 2012

Business opportunity approaches.

Long time ago when abortion was illegal in the US there was a steady stream of young women heading east, a girlfriend of mine in NYC worked a few hours a week meeting women at the airport and making sure they got to the right building and airplane.  These women were flying out of the US, usually to Europe or Israel, in a few days they flew back.  Everything had been organized,  hotels, transportation, the doctors, and someone to stay with them.  Well, now you can't meet people at the gate and show them to the next, but that was in a time a sizable portion of the population had never flown before.
With more states making abortion almost impossible to get, to protect the doctors or maintain privacy of the women, even for rape or to save a women's life, the time approaches again for this type of travel agency.   I think it will appear soon, in fact, it may already exists in some areas.  I just hope it is done well, and safely.
Of course this is expensive, but many can pay.  Many cannot, and of these some will still find a way.  The Reichwing GOP biblethumpers are willing to send those women to the alley with amateurs or drugs, it's fine with them if these girls die, well that was Gods decision.

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