Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Outsourcer in Chief, is he a tax cheat, will the IRS ever look into it?

Scurry on over to Vanity Fair and read their article on Scum Dog Millionaire's off shore money dumps.  It's loaded with curious bits of info like how, considering a $2,000 a year limit on IRA deposits, how can he have over 100 million growing tax free in his IRA?

What kind of swine hides money in other countries?


  1. Romney has never fessed up to how much he has socked away in the Catmen Islands and in that bank vault in Zurich...


    1. Ron, the article estimates 250 million at least, and there is a whole lot he never fessed up to, unlike his father who released 12 years of financials when he ran.

  2. Fringe,
    Do you think Romeny ever goes to visit his money in those far-flung places? I sort of picture him rolling in greenbacks ala Scrooge McDuck.

  3. Mister O, I think he does. Now it gets worse. Bermuda is added to the places he has money stashed. It was just Cayman and Switzerland. This is the kind of hero the tea bag right loves, a guy that takes money out of the country to blur the is he or isn't he cheating and hiding money from the tax rolls.


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