Monday, July 2, 2012

Obama for America TV Ad:

If your not in a swing state you may not have seen this video.


  1. They aren't running that ad in Tennessee, but according to the polls done in states where it's being shown, it has been VERY effective.

  2. YEAH! Now we need a bumper sticker...Romney = Outsourcer-In-Chief.

  3. Squatlo, Sarge, jadedj:

    As Squatlo said this add, and there are some others almost like it, have opened a gap up for Obama. It's a long way to the finish line, but for the moment it works and it works well. Even Republicans are quietly saying this series of adds is a disaster for the Scum Dog Millionaire, he can't defend them, no mater what he says it comes out as bad or worse.

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    2. Start the video, click on "watch on youtube", then at youtube click share more, a blogger logo will appear, click that and it's automatic, it posts the video to your blog. oh, you already knew that. Post it, you have a lot of people visit your site, the more see it the better.


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