Monday, July 9, 2012

Vote Republican if you have health insurance

God bless the child thats got his own.  Nov. 6th, vote to keep irresponsible people out of your doctors waiting room.  Do you really want another 20 million Americans treated for communicable diseases or sewn up after an accident?  Vote no, vote a GOP ticket.


  1. Ah, unbridled sarcasm... Careful, man, some of your readers might not recognize the humor.

  2. Darrel,
    If you have the money to buy health insurance - You should be required to have it. The baggers are fumming about the manadate - OK, dump the mandate - You don't have to have health insurance. But, come into a ER with a coronary without it and the next hand wiping your ass will be a mortician!


    1. The baggers are just happy to have latched on to the word tax, that somehow abates that the thing is constitutional. But the real thing they can't stomach is that they want everyone that comes later to the program to be cut off. Most of the baggers are on, or soon will be, medicare and social security and all that shit, and they want it for themselves, but they don't want the tax implemented so that others can benefit from the same thing they enjoy. It is selfishness, severe.


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