Thursday, July 5, 2012

Radical Chipotle restaurant wins award

Today I award Chipotle Mexican Grill, a chain, first place for a being radical restaurant, and serving good tasting food.  Radical in the safe and local fresh food they purchase, it must be a hugh effort to keep the supply lines filled with the products they demand.  Try it if you haven't.
Not only is the chicken and pork rasied cage free and with vegi diet only, no hormones, no meds, the beef is also hormone and meds free.  Most of the food they sell comes from within 350 miles of the restaurant, they make it all every day, it's not a can opener and microwave restaurant.  
I give them a 10 on a possible 10 for food taste and appearance, it tastes fantastic.
I give them 8 for atmosphere, the restaurants are pretty noisy.
I give them 10 for using lots of eco-friendly practices and using fresh ingredients.
I give them 10 for a decent (normal) price for a fast food restaurant.
I give them 9.5 for nutrition, check out their web site, the food is low in fat and high in fiber, a bit high in salt.   We get the burrito bowl, leave the tortilla out which is where most the extra fat is in their menu.
I give them 10 for having a simple small menu that fits everyone perfectly, even us part time vegetarians.


  1. Fringe: My guess is that the restaurant is so noisy because it is so popular, and it is so popular because the food is so good. :^)

    1. Whit, thats part of it, but they have stainless steel tables add to the noise.

  2. I love Chipotle. Mine is on State Street, about a hundred steps from the library mall, right on campus.

    1. NAC, How you doing? Well if I ever get to Madison I will gladly eat in it with you.


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