Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tin foil hat time. Again.

I just got a NRA robo-call tipping me off the UN is preparing to swoop in and take everyones guns.  No shit, this is what they said.   Then a question, do I think it is alright for the UN to take away all our guns, press 1 for no, 2 for yes.  I pressed 2.  Hopefully that will get me off the waco robo call list.  Of course, this call was not to tip me off about the UN, it is a method of finding paranoid contributors, money money money.


  1. Fringe,
    I couldn't help but think of the NRA when a judge here in Dunedin (NZ) was quoted as saying something to the effect that nobody had an automatic right to own or possess firearms. He was sentencing a gang member to jail for having a stolen shotgun in his possession. Yeah, I know. People who want to kill other people usually have to resort to other methods. They still manage it; just at far lower rates than in the US. Combine that with "socialized medicine" that insures that people such as Mrs. O and I don't go bankrupt trying to pay for her recent surgeries and batteries of tests and New Zealand has some nerve calling itself civilized.

    1. I have become an advocate of banning handguns and assault weapons. Fuck the NRA and their bought and paid for lackeys in the Congress...

      Happy 4th!



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