Monday, July 2, 2012

The power of gays, it's the glamour.

A Mr. Long gave us a gem of math and logic in his "opinion piece" in the Saturday paper, responding  to an earlier writer who ask how do gays deprive a young man the opportunity to marry the women he loves?
"If the glamorization of the gay lifestyle increases the number who become gay by only 1 percent, that equates to a 2 percent reduction in the population of heterosexual married people (or potentially married people).
So if I were 21 again, and I again met the woman of my dreams on a college campus, and if she were gay we would not marry, and I would most certainly be very, very, very deprived in every sense of the word."

Oh yes Mr Long, people become gay because it is so glamorous.  That's the whole thrill of it, that's the recruiting tool, glamor.  You should stay on guard, it's like looking at an F-150 with leather, or Lazy-boy with cup holders, it's not easy to say no to a glamorous lifestyle, even if it comes with whole armies of religious cranks praying for your death, insulting you, allowing and even promoting discrimination and bullying.

Well it's beyond my math skill set to understand why 1% of one population can so smoothly equate to 2% of another and uncounted population.  Many gays never marry, Condi Rice comes to mind.  Many gays do marry heterosexuals and raise families, go to church, I know of 2 examples in our circle.  The equation needs a lot of work.

I don't really think the college girl of his dreams is gay.  Believe me Mr. Long, the gay girls may be friendly, sweet, smart, helpful, but to seriously get to the "girl of my dreams" stage is unlikely, trust me on that.  Maybe he fears the advertising could even work on him.  What if there is a Richard waiting for him after class, Dick can be very persuasive.

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