Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shake, turn handle, repeat as necessary.

Mittens has another problem.  In order to distance himself from Baine Capital laying off people and running up debt on businesses they buy, he has been claiming he exited in 1999.  Well, company documents have his signature on them in 2002, and company records indicate he was receiving compensation then.  Not wages, those are taxed, but things like stock options and complex little ditties that can be taxed at lower rates or go untaxed until later.

His mouthpieces are saying this is just a paper snafuu, never happened.  Shake, turn handle, repeat as necessary.


  1. He is a lying sack of shit...exactly what the Repug party wants.

  2. New shit hitting the fan every damn day about this "When did he leave Bain" story. Not sure if it makes a damn, really. I mean, if he lied on a disclosure form to the government, yep. But whether or not he's lying in interviews about his record don't seem to matter to anyone except commie pinko liberals.

    When a guy hides his money overseas, has accounts in Switzerland and the Caymans, owns companies in Bermuda, and won't disclose his tax forms for more than one year- AND no one knows who's funding his campaign? We've got a stealth candidate representing unknown interests. That used to be called The Manchurian Candidate. Now it's called today's GOP.

  3. Fringe: Not only that, but now Mitt is demanding an apology from the Obama camp for bringing up the subject.


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