Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Deceptive Cadence

Saudi Arabia is placing orders for $100 billion of solar panels to be installed in just a few years. ...  Chesapeake Energy, the largest natural gas fracker in the US is on the verge of collapse, they are riding a bubble, in the red, just got 2+ billion yesterday from Goldman Sachs, now Carl Ichon the cannibal that ate TWA is jumping in to help the dying patient like Romney and Bain would if they had got there first.  ... Tea Party comparisons of Greece to our debt are as well thought out as their support for Perry was, Greece has no industry, tourism, a bit of olive oil and cheese, thats it, they have no real engine to rev up like we have, plus they're swarthy.  ... Crazy legs gov of Arizona vetoed the ALEC bill rammed through by the ever increasing Mormon populated legislature that would demand the Fed. gov. turn all land over to the state, she had a moment of clarity and killed it. ... Coal use dropped to lowest level in decades as US plants switched to natural gas and more alternative sources came on line. ... The only new nuke electric plant to be approved in 20 or more years will be built in Georgia, and a thin 60 days after the approval the builder announced it will cost an extra billion, and to expect more over runs, oh, rate payers in the area will cover some of this, US taxpayers everywhere will pay the balance. ... Facebook says they have devised a strategy to not pay any federal taxes, ever, in fact it appears they will be collecting money from the government after they go private, want to "friend" the motherfuckers now? ... 72% of the oil leases are idle, drill baby drill, it's a scam, oil companies are not drilling, there's a god damn glut everywhere and your paying record high prices, supply and demand is perverted by to big to fail/speculators who at the same time they pocket millions each minute want you to blame Obama. ... 76% of Americans say they want alternative energy, get off polluting fossil fuel, even repubs are for it a little over half and even if it costs more. ... Big oil thinks they can slow by decades our progress away from oil, but are worried about one thing most of all, a break through in batteries, that could knock them out of the market in only a few years, everything else they think they can pervert, scare off, buy off, or delay, but batteries are keeping them up at night.   ....


  1. Damn it Darrel,
    You left out Brownback and Sharia law...


    1. Sorry Ron, you are right, Kansas legislature has wasted a few days on passing a law against Sharia law. After opening each session with Christian prayer, and throwing bible quotes around like a grenades in their everyday procedures, they finally got down to something serious and expressed their fear of religious extremism, and passed this law against using religion in government.


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