Wednesday, May 9, 2012

invest in pig tail CF lighting, a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

I stopped at a speciality battery store yesterday to buy a strange one I needed for the alarm system, and the store has these giant boxes of CF bulbs, giving them away with any purchase (got me one), along with this info:
1 CF  @3.75 burns $14.30 of energy, total cost $18.05.  It may take up to 10 Incandescent bulbs to last as long as a CF, 10 X $1 = $10.00 buring $82.50 of energy, total cost $92.50.
The stock market does not pay those kinds of profit to the small investor.  We have lots of CF's, and I can tell you our energy bill is lower than it was a few years ago, my wife keeps every damn bill, it's easy to check.


  1. Ya but!
    They don't put out enough light to read by. The braille method sucks. Upside, I am running a fan and not the a/c. 73 degrees in here...

    Well, unless you are in bed and both wearing blind folds - that gets righteous...


    1. Sarge I think it's time you get your cataracts removed and trim your eyebrows, will let light in like your a fucking bat. My wife keeps the house lit up like runway lights on setting 7, no way the curley lights are gipping us on lumens. Prolly ya looked at too much porn, like that red head, hot. If you had some of those pit tail lights your house will be cooler, incandescents generate more heat than light, next time try one with the bright daylight color, maybe your buying those soft yellow ones.
      Oh shit there is a fox hiding in the bushes in the back yard, he's hoping to catch one of the squirrels that pester me, I hope he can see OK. He's moved in behind a woodpile now and lay down in the ivy, fucking blue jays see him now and are squaking, they left and he moved und some leatherleaf viburnum plants. I hope he can catch the one with mange, one squirrel is losing his hair, looks like a tree climing rat, oh ugly, maybe he can clean that shit up.

  2. We have quite a few florescents, generally been happy with them. My sister put in some LED's - more expensive but supposedly super long life.

  3. Switched to fluoro years ago- the early ones had relatively poor light quality, took a long time to warm up, and sometimes buzzed. I think many people who are "down" on CFs have never recovered from their early experiences with the bulbs. Now you can get daylight white 100-watt equivalent bulbs that warm up in seconds, and are hard to tell from incandescents. AND save you serious bucks.

  4. Skinny; LED's are some serious bucks, glad to hear someone is buying a few of them, it should drive the price down in time.

    Cynthianne; good advice.


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