Tuesday, May 8, 2012

State Farm hears social media, quits Heartland

Heartland's billboard proves advertising works.  State Farm Insurance (my provider) feeling the sting of social media's call-in & email campaign is severing it's support of Heartland immediately.   The statement on May 7 was a complete reversal of their position a few days ago when they voiced an intent to stick with the Reichwing funded anti-science and disinformation lobbying organization.

I already canceled my AT&T contract after they pledged to stay with Heartland.  Also Anheuser Busch,  not a penny more either.  Changing insurance is more complicated so I was really glad to see State Farm bow.


  1. I canceled At&t too! For other reasons. Also pulled out of Wells Forgo and joined a local community bank. Maybe I will now look into Sate Farm. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Patricia, glad to hear you moved on from AT&T, and Wells Fargo. I vote with my wallet and my feet every chance I get these days, and I use social media like a hammer.


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