Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SAD States: Standard American Diet State-By-State Comparison

 Only 9.5% of US children are eating enough fruit and vegi's.  We are killing off the next generation, they WILL have a short life with many diseases, who's fault is that?
The charts go by pretty fast on this video, be prepared to click the stop button so you can absorb it, and once again, stay out of Oklahoma, the state is a hive of red necks, deniers, and fat sick malnourished  people helping their kids die young.


  1. Why would Oklahoma being number one surprise me?
    I spent five years in that backeards-ass shit hole.

    Things are bad when the largest employer in the friggin state is the United States Air Force.

    1. Another thing they are number one in. Marriage. The number of marriages is the highest in the nation. I don't mean those who are married, but the number of marriages. So, you can imagine, they are also near the top in the number of divorces. Must be the gays that drive so many of them to throw away their marriage.


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