Monday, May 21, 2012

GOP prevents Navy's efforts to shed fossil fuel and it's many problems in war time.

The House Armed Services Committee banned the Defense Department from making or buying an alternative fuel that costs more than a “traditional fossil fuel.” It’s a standard that may be almost impossible to meet, energy experts believe; there’s almost no way the tiny, experimental biofuel industry can hope to compete on price with the massive, century-old fossil fuels business. [...] if the measure becomes law, it would make it all-but-inconceivable for the Pentagon to buy the renewable fuels. It would likely scuttle one of the top priorities of Navy Secretary Ray Mabus. And it might very well suffocate the gasping biofuel industry, which was looking to the Pentagon to help it survive.

The oligarchs demanded the GOP congress they bought and paid for not permit the Navy reduce it's dependency on fossil fuel supply lines and the diesel smoke that trails some of our ships preventing  stealth over the horizon.   Likewise they have tried to cripple programs to buy portable wind and solar generation for bases and land forces, the GOP will not allow them to shed the supply line problems as are illustrated today with thousands of supply trucks stuck in Pakistan, and thousands of others winding slowly through unreliable nations from the Black Sea to Afghaniland. 

What we see here is a complete disregard for the value of  the military as a fighting unit but rather as a consumer, a consumer for the oil barrens and defense industry, keep the supply lines long, expensive, inefficient, no matter the cost to soldiers or the outcome.  This is just a part of the inter industrial warfare going on, fossil fuel is doing all it can to sabotage the market and the interest in conservation and alternatives of every type

(some of this is ripped from "Treehugger", check it out, good sight)


  1. Darrel,
    Who are the Republicans taking money from? Big Oil is bankrolling their campaigns. Senate GOP got 23 Million just before blocking the Dems from ending subsidies to oil companies.

    Best paid for legislators in the fucking world.


  2. That $800 a night (I HOPE that was an all nighter for money) whore in Catagena is less slameless than that of who we have in Congress.

    Whores I tell you; whores!



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