Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FOX News indicates Global Warming is Real, and getting Worse.

Monday Fux headlines were: Wind energy making global warming worse.   Finally.  After years of pretending it is a hoax, lying about the science, they now say it is getting worse, and they even blame it on human activity.  Humans can change the worlds environment after all.

The glued to fox from sun up to bed time crowd (my brother-in-law) have had a little bit of the global warming as hoax idea dented with this story, they will now repeat this jab at wind energy as the reason it's getting worse, and in saying it the camels nose is under the tent.

Fox picked up and fucked up this story, a lot of other media followed suit without thinking.  The study found at a south Texas wind farm the air temperature near the wind mills was sometimes a couple of degrees higher than further off.  Sha-zam, not a new idea, it's what every citrus fruit farmer does on frosty nights in Florida and California, stir the air near the ground and you can alter the temperature near the wind mill or helicopter.   Where the temp is found to increase near the wind mill, it was the result of displacing one air mass with another.  Air temperatures stratify above us, forming layers like a cake, but in complicated ways, sometimes warm air is over cool air, or it can be the opposite.   Again, the wind turbines are mixing the layers right at the wind mill, some of the coolness may have gone up, some of the warm air may have been pushed down.  The county or state or the world, lost or gained not a single BTU.

Fox has done us a service, the next time someone says its a hoax tell them of the wind mills causing it.  Later you can straighten out the details, but first its important to admit there is global warming, even if the cause is bogus.


  1. The windmills kill migrating ducks and geese and give meteorologist false alarms about torandos - they also premote homosexality with adolescent children and turn people against God!

    They also cause acne..

  2. And they mess up the radio signal ... ; )

  3. Sarge, and Nota,
    They also are beginning to blow the world out of it's orbit, into a longer flatter ellipse, it's estimated the year will jump to over 800 days by the end of Romney's second term. I don't know how many of us can live through 8 long years of that.

  4. I wonder if they could get them to lengthen the days, too. Never enough time in a day ...

    ; )


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