Monday, May 7, 2012

Tax the rich in Europe and Swift Boat in the US

The French have had enough of a President who surrounds himself with the rich while cutting education, essential services and infrastructure.  Hollande is the new face of France, and his first agenda is to tax the rich to get some money into the French treasury.  Europe had been pulling out of it's funk, but is back on the brink of a economic depression, clearly the job creators have failed to turn their massive gains in capturing the wealth of Europe into the promised benefits for the workers.  Will anyone in the US notice the lesson here, austerity cut backs matched with tax cuts to the rich is a failure.

The swift boat guys are back, they have spent the last few days scrambling to find disgruntled retired military and ex-Navy Seals to use in a campaign calling Obama a coward for ....... for something they will soon define or make up,  and will spend millions running on TV in the weeks ahead.


  1. No end-zone dances! No spiking the football! Funny how a football analogy is used for President Obama. I wonder why Right-Wing bigots would choose a sport analogy relating to scoring a touchdown in a sport dominated by African-Americans?


    1. Remember GW's "Mission Accomplished" carrier landing stunt? That was okay with the Republicans.


    2. Grung-e;
      Riechwing bigotry owns the flag, all patriotic music, all appearances at military bases, this is all their property. They believe everyone in the military thinks like them, and is Republican. I hate to tell them my whole democratic family fought in WWII, one in Korea, and 2 in Viet Nam. That must seem impossible to them.

      A cod piece does not a cocksman make.


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