Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kick the shit out of any squaw you find, a pioneers right

The GOP congress is rewriting the violence against women bill sent down from the Senate.  They will exclude American Indians and illegal immigrants.
Hey, the GOP just wants to preserve our heritage, a proud tradition with cowboys and pioneers and drunken native American men since they were starved off the land and hooked on firewater.  Why should great granddad have all the fun?


  1. Shit! I hope they alienate everybody! That will make November even worse for the bastards.


    1. I will be shocked if a single Republican anywhere would be put off by this. I say it will be harder to find than a NASCAR wife that never had a black eye.

      This will not cost them one fucking vote, this nation right now is OK with abuse of women, jailing and killing of minorities. White repubs feel threatened by the "others" and "them". I wonder if we will end up like Syria, or Iraq was, or Mexico has been always, a minority religious tribe ethnic group running the country and trampling on everyone else.


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