Monday, May 14, 2012

The fruits of squandering away the hours.

I have squandered many an hour drinking beer and ouzo in the garage listening to "The Band" and a slew of others the last week trying to cure some proportional problems with this limestone head.  I think I have to stop.  Experience tells me hours of hammer/chisel is slowly setting up a fracture line at the thinnest cross section.  If I don't stop now the head is sure to pop off soon. So the proportional errors left  are now part of it, hard for me to accept but the time has come.
The only thing I will do is perhaps a little scratching of a hair pattern and a little sanding down of the ears, I want them to be ears, but not ears you notice.  A few more hours and I'm done.
Who is it?  It was started out to be a self portrait, but I lost control of the likeness and instead it became a mysterious intellectual and seducer of women.

If you know who this looks like, I need a name.


  1. Mysterious indeed ... ; )

    p.s. For a name, how about Newt?

    1. nota;
      Why do you come here to do me such pain? Newt, oh that's the shits, but the eyes seen from some angles do have that "look of the damned" about them. To tell the truth I had seen a slight likeness already.

  2. It was just a thought. You know his head's a little disproportionate too. ; )

    1. NAC,
      I thought Noot was all mouth and no brains.



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