Thursday, May 3, 2012

Red states, let the waiter and the dishwasher pay the bill

Go to salon and read that, it's stacking up to be 600 to 800 million shortfall since the middle class and the poor just don't seem to be able to cover all the freebies the rich will get.  Oh well.  We already laid off about 6,000 in state and county governments the last few weeks, prior to that it was hundreds of school librarians, nurses, but no coaches.  Over 4,000 mental and phisically disabled are wallowing in bed sores and shit on a waiting list for assistance, however, this bill will cut further into that program.  Law was passed that forbids local governments from inspecting restaurants, only the state, and they are restricted to wait a minimum 24 months between visits, some union dues cannot be paycheck deducted or auto-deposited - it must be a check,  cities cannot charge more for traffic tickets than the state - and the seat belt was lowered to 10 dollars, judges cannot consider convictions more than 5 years old in domestic violence cases, legislation is moving to throw out some or all of the smoking laws since that to is "unsettled science",  1/3 of the state is off limits for wind energy - farmers not happy with that but Koch is, it is a crime to take a picture of a puppy mill, 14 year olds living on a farm can drive - seems safe to me, hospitals cannot be inspected for health and safety except when the public makes a "valid" complaint, the state EPA has been reduced from a group of scientist to 3 kids with a rubber stamp - it is found that they give questions from the public to corporations to provide the response, the state has sent back millions to the federal government for arts projects - we don't need any fucking folk singers roaming round here.


  1. Re: restaurant inspections, if you drive through Kansas, pack a cooler with sandwich and apples, highway restaurants are 3rd world safe.

  2. Less reulation means more freedom. Or so, the Republicans believe. The restaurtant can now contribute even more money to Brownbeack and the GOP...



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