Friday, May 4, 2012

Really, a billboard on the Eisenhower freeway in Chicago

The fossil fuel industry equates science, recycling, conservation, new energy technologies, and any of you who believe mounting CO2, and pollutants will damage the earth, well, your as kookie and scary as the Unibomber.

Already, the story just broke and in England the press is tearing into it, as an example of how absurd the situation in the US is becoming with fossil fuel and political lackeys drumming up hate against facts and logic, and clean air.


  1. It appears that 'we're number 1!' in one more thing ...

    1. Kevin!
      I think I got that one right - odd balls like Ted
      Kacynski. One of the largest office buildings in the east side of Evansville is Peabody Energy -
      the coal company. This whole area of SW Indiana is either already being strip mined or has new deep shaft mines and open pit operations going.
      The Repulican governor and the US Represenative down here worked to ease EPA restrictions on a huge (largest east of the Mississippi River) open pit mine - run off from the Bear Creek mine will
      get into the Eel River, the White River, and eventually the Wabash.

      Nobody cares - It is all about money...


  2. Fringe,
    For every visit Obama and company make in an effort to improve the USA's image abroad, there will be folks like the Heartland Foundation to attempt to show that Americans are just a bunch of simple-minded yokels. And it's working. Kiwi friends ask me frequently about my old country when they consider traveling abroad. Most then opt for more civilized climes such as Afghanistan or Somalia.

  3. Vote with your wallet, this morning I switched from AT&T to Cox. AT&T said they would not drop out of Heartland.
    Writing angry posts, calling companies or congressmen, signing petitions, it all helps, but dump the son-of-a-bitches, vote with your wallet, that is market warfare, do it. Anheauser Busch also said they will not retreat from Heartland, I swear on the grave of every drunk in this country, I will not drink another one of their products so long as they remain part of the anti-science club.


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