Monday, May 14, 2012

MCI can go to hell, may the company wither and die

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that I canceled AT&T because of their support for Heartland Institute and the anti-science mis-information they deal in concerning pollution and the environment.

I thought I had switched to MCI, but after 10 days of re-ordering the service 3 times only to have it fucked up each time.  First we were denied for an unpaid balance......well we already have part of our service with MCI so unless I pay in advance I will always have an unpaid balance, and by the way we have in 15 years never once paid late.  Second we were denied because the names on the order did not match AT&T's, they misspelled my name, it was their fault not mine, or AT&T's.  Third, when I called them after another notice the account would not be opened, they said they could not be sure I was who I said I was and they had opened a credit check on me and said I could only prove it by telling them how much my mortgage payment was at bank so and so.......they knew the date I got the mortgage and the amount and I should tell them,......and they had 5 more questions like that for me.........well MCI can go to hell.  I ask to speak to any of the 4 previous Indians I had talked to on past calls, I had the names and their operator ID numbers, no, no, they will not connect you..........MCI can go to hell.  So on 3 different days, I was on the phone 5 times for 30 to 45 minutes each time, and I still have no new service from a company I have been with for 15 (the wife says 20) years, MCI can go to hell.  How can MCI make money spending so much time on this, MCI can go to hell.

A few minutes ago I called COX, we have internet with them.  They are lower than AT&T, and about 5  dollars more than MCI, but I switched to them.  Just while I was writing this I got an email saying the switch is approved, and setting a date and time it happens, and thanking me,.......and MCI can go to hell.
Now I am through with AT&T and MCI, and they can both go to hell.

(AT&T, MCI, one had local service the other long distance, yea I know, go mobile, but I can't do that till I retire, it's complicated)


  1. I've dealt with them both; their arrogance is beyond belief. Comes from being oligarchs, I guess.

  2. Update. COX called to say AT&T has forced them to wait the maximum time before taking control of their portion of the service, delaying my switch by another week. It's a way to yank a customer thats leaving around and make another weeks income. Dear AT&T, I intend to tell everyone that will listen that you supported anti-science Heartland and your a prick to your customers.


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