Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's hot down under and scientist found out why.

 Australian scientist have data showing Asia and Australia have endured the hottest 60 years in the past 1,000.  Using every form of data from tree rings to ice core to geological evidence, pollution counts, and their own computer models they conclude it is hot, and it is human caused.
Strange, Australians are not conformist, their a rugged bunch of outdoorsy common sense types.  Yet their scientist, looking at their data, came to the same conclusion as thousands of "real" scientist, working in the field they have a degree in, say, "mate, it's hot, and you caused it yourself, now gimmie a beer and lets paint your roof white".

How can anyone believe this is a conspiracy of science?  To have the same conclusion from every corner of the earth in labs and universities and insurance risk management rooms, and in the military planning sessions in the US, Germany, and others?  Was there ever a more absurd belief that all these companies and generals and scientist could sing the same tune for years?

Australia just moved to set up carbon tax, and cap and trade, joining Europe, and even China.  China is setting it up by region, some will be on it soon, others will have about 10 years.  Where's the US, oh we can't afford it, stick with coal, oil, fracking never mind the water and earthquakes, anything else is a leftist plot.

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