Friday, May 4, 2012

Romney repeats the democrats waging the war on women, not the GOP

He correctly states that since Obama came into office about 90% of the laid off have been women.  He does not say that during the regime of "Bush the lesser",  it was mostly men lost their jobs as the economy tanked, nor that although growth is slow, the overall numbers are more new jobs added each month for almost all of the Obama term, the net losses stopped a long time ago.

Who is dumping all those women.  It's states and local government which is responsible for almost all those lost jobs, women's jobs.  School teachers, government workers, social workers, you name it, that department lost workers.  My vermillion red state, Kansas, with a population of only around 3 or 4 million in a hugh piece of land, laid off 6,000 a few weeks ago, mostly women.  (then passed a law ending the income tax on farmers, small businesses, and reducing the highest income brackets, AND RAISING THE LOWEST BRACKETS) The news media reports with great fright that xyz company plans to lay off 4k or 6k, and it is a sign of failure.  They do not even report the 6k in KS, nor 10 fold that in larger states.  Oh, one other thing, red states are dumping women at a higher rate than blue.  Is that the democrats war on women?


  1. Sorry Darrell but that won't fit on a bumper sticker. ; )

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