Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's law, Kansas GOP gives state to the rich

Brownback signed the law today.   Just like that, I'm a job creator.  Wow.  Farm income exempt from taxes, sole proprietorship exempt, highest tax rates reduced, dividends exempt.  OK, that's me, a farm, a one man sales company, I DON'T PAY STATE TAXES NOW!  I'm a freak'n job creator now.

Currently, the state has a surplus.  This new tax code saddles us $2.5 billion in debt, double per capita what the California debt is.
The GOP claims it will create 23,000 new jobs and the 2.5 billion will never happen and we will wallow in a surplus of increased taxes spawned by new jobs.  Lets look at that, and think through it:
190,000 sole proprietorships are now tax exempt along with $3 billion in farm income
The 23,000 new jobs have to be low paying jobs, otherwise they don't pay tax either, make too much and your a job creator not a tax payer.
It actually works out to be 550,000 new jobs at $50,000 a year are needed.  Or 1.5 million minimum wage and part time jobs, that would do it, so long as they don't send their kids to school and run up that cost.
Kansas is screwed.  Thanks GOP.  When I retire I move, a cousin will till the farm and the Co-op will mail the check.  I like making money.  I like new bridges, well paid teachers, new fire trucks, smooth streets.  I don't mind paying.  The GOP is trying to crash the state for the benefit of the rich who can save tens of thousands in state taxes now, it's not right, this tax plan actually raised the tax on the lower brackets as it cut some of their benefits.


  1. Darrel,
    Watch my post. I met with Representive Larry Buchson (R-in/8) today at a job fair.

    Leave Kansas. Me? I will stay here. I ain't moving again unless it is to the cementary!

  2. Awwwww, all they did was fuck the poor. It's a time honored tradition!

    Congratulations on your promotion to Job-Creator status!

    1. GeG, Yea I know, and traditions can be beautiful things, they bind a society together and clarify relationships, like the like servant quarters to the mansion.

  3. Hey, I'm looking for a job. What ya got?

    1. NAC, I'd love to help you out man, but I squeezed into the job creator team on a technicality, not on scoring ability. I think you should start with the Koch brothers, this will save each of them millions??? a year.

    2. Didn't you write that Brownback was a member of Opus Dei? That in itself sets him apart from main-stream catholics.


  4. Sarge, Brownback is Opus Dei indeed, normally they feel like anything they do, even if it outside the law or ethics is OK, god wanted them to do his good work, so they are exempt, they also tie into the prosperity gospel, gods people can get bloated and rich but like a rat their shoulder blades will collapse and they can squeeze into heaven through the eye of a needle. But should they feel they did some bad ass shit, they beat themselves or wear thorns and weeds in their pants to cut their thighs, you don't wanna see one of em bent over pickin nettles outa his undies, thats gotta look like a shot gun wound that won't heal.

  5. Hey, check it out:



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