Monday, April 15, 2013

7 year old 2nd amendmented to death

Salina Kansas, Sunday.   Dad took his two little boys out with the 9mm semi-automatic hand gun.  A few minutes into it one brother shot the other dead.

This is a crushing event.  They had every right to do this, as in the last 3 months 3,000 others also absorbed the rights of others in this way.

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  1. Darrel,
    As tragic as that incident was - Did you not play with a cap pistol as a kid? Would I have handed a child a loaded 9mm? You don't have to answer that. But, the kids actions were that of a kid. The father needs hard time in a bad ass
    Dad bought me my first BB gun and I learned to shoot beer cans. Later that was upgraded to a .22 single shot bolt action rifle. Darrel, I shot expert every time I fired - including on the 9mm.

    How this gun legislation goes will be a major player in this next election and the Republicans are afraid of that. But, the NRA has a lot of them that take their money...



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