Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fringe predictions of 2014 election.

The Senate will go republican.  There are lots of old Dems leaving, many from red states.  It's for this reason Reed won't change the filibuster rule.
The House will keep a majority, no matter how unpopular, most seats are safe due to gerrymandering.
Governor seats, 30 are held by GOP, the most unpopular governors are GOP, but as in Kansas, 36% approval of Brownback, and he won't have a primary and the dems say they don't have a runner in sight.
Jeb is raising IOU's already, his running mate will be the New Mexico hispanic lady gov.  Rubio and the New Jersey fat man are already road kill, Limbaugh is already chewing them up.


  1. Darrel,
    "Reid" not Reed. But, you are absolutely correct. But, here it is - Even Jeb Bush's mother says no.
    Indiana is like Kansas - We do not have a srong Democrat. Hold on!
    Does Evan Bayh have a kid?


  2. Hey Darrell, Sarge is pointing out a typo/misspelling. ; )

  3. Well, it's hard to accept I can learn from Sarge, but, I have before, and I hope I will again.


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