Friday, April 19, 2013

follow up to: City to run out of water

Went to the meeting.  Basically it was a disaster.  You can not have a meaningful town hall meeting if  most the attendees mumble and grumble non-stop.  It was a grey haired crowd who want the water problem solved, but every suggestion or comment was seen as a plot to raise their water rates or taxes.  To be fare, there were a lot of good suggestions even from this crowd.  But by the water departments own numbers of what different actions could save, it falls short.  High rates for high volume users must be part of the solution, but thats just one liberal's opinion.


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    1. The well is into the aquifer. The more wells the faster it falls, once the lake gives up, then we have only the aquifer. Drill baby drill in not a long term solution.

  2. Locals become vicious quickly when they feel they are getting picked on even though they are the main reason for the problem at times. Let'em have their way and in the end everyone will end up triple fucked and it will still be someone else's fault.

    Good on you for being part of the process. Most the people who showed probably show up for little else. The council is liable to be lynched if they try to do the right thing. It can get soooo ugly. Been there done that.

    1. I think they will come up with some good plans which will slow water use, but it will be small and slow to show results. Unless we get a toad strangler rain that refills the lake within the next year, the city is in trouble. I have read of some towns that went right up to the brink of being out of water. At that point it gets third world.

  3. Everyone wants their problems fixed but not to pay for it. Doesn't the state step in at all to help in these situations? Of course, I'm sure your town isn't the only one affected by a drought.


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