Friday, April 5, 2013

North Carolina, dirty future - clean future?

This map is very close to a number of other maps, but this time the southeast block isn't representing the area where life expectancy is on the decline, or education is among the worst, voter suppression is an industry, diets are the least healthful, or where the Reichwing and hate groups abound.
Nope, this map is about states visions of future air quality and jobs.  This shows the states who have worked with utilities (some volunteered some were mandated) to produce or buy a little more renewable energy, wind, solar, hydro, in the years ahead.  In the last year ALEC, Kochs, Norquist, and others funded by fossil fuel have marched into 21 states with a rubber stamp ready law to overturn these agreements, called RPS, Renewable Portfolio Standard.  Their claim is wind energy raises rates up to $640 a year, about $640 off.
Kansas was the last battle, and like 20 others, we defeated it, if only temporarily.  Now it's North Carolina.  Yesterday it passed out of committee to the floor.  In Kansas the Farm Bureau, churches, citizens, Sierra Club, and a group of manufacturers and construction companies beat it back, helped by data from the states own records showing wind energy is competitive and some new turbines produce at lower prices than conventional.  If you are a Tar Heel, or know one, you, they, better get going or be the first state fossil fuel wins in.  The Tar Heels have thousands of jobs in wind and solar, it would be the shits to see that hampered.  Considering the block of states they are near, I'd say it's a good shot dirty power might have their first win.


  1. Why wouldn't wind mill farms on the Outer Banks - Like on Cape Cod make sense?

    Mpney and greed...


    1. Excellent assumption. I will write a piece on that later today if I get a chance..


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