Wednesday, April 24, 2013

North Carolina wins big, go Tar Heels.

Just as in Kansas a month ago, ALEC, the Kochs, and a variety of coal and fossil fuel shills showed up to waste the states time with pre-made legislation to weaken the future of wind and solar in NC.

They failed, again, this is state #22, 22 states have had to spend time and money dealing with Republicans (in every state it's the GOP) bringing bills to vote to kill or make less attractive, or prohibit  increases in sustainable green home grown energy.    22 no's, many of them in red states.

It won't change a thing.  They will do the same in the next few weeks.  Money is no object.  And lying about what alternative fuels cost is their game.  We were told it would raise our rates $640 a year to add more wind, at a time when the most recently installed wind farms are selling watts below coal fired watts.  They don't care, state #23 will face the same lies.  If they can win one state they will be happy, one place that will be stuck in dirty old technology, and most likely at a higher price.

Go Tar Heels.  A week ago it was thought this could be the one coal wins.  I wonder what good things the legislature could have worked on instead of this exercise against progress.  And how about that, out of state people come into 22 state houses and manage to get their interest voted on within days of showing up!  Is that democracy?  The outcome maybe, but the process was corporatism, government for the oligarchs.

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