Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lumpy has died, another bummer.

Leave it to Beaver's pal, Lumpy, passed away yesterday.  Real name Frank Bank, 71, born and lived in the LA area.  He was a great character.  Never mean, but always willing to stand behind a hasty and flimsy excuse or to palm off the blame on others.  I cherish Lumpy for his portrayal of the incompetently dishonest, of which I have met more than a few in business, and with much less admiration.


  1. The lump was a true 'chip off the old block.' (Remember Fred Rutherford/Richard Deacon?)

    1. Who was that at Hahn that was another Eddie Haskell?
      Even looked like the person and had his ways?

      I have written about that disgusting two stripe cocksucker up at King Salmon (extended his tour on a isolated remote in Alaska) - looked just like that Radar O'Reilly fucker on MASH and acted the same way.
      I mean, the round glasses and admin clerk (tit-less WAF).

      Darrel, think! I want to say radio maintenance with that Haskell guy.




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