Thursday, April 18, 2013

Republicans keep crapping on minorities

How's the GOP outreach to minorities going?  Inner city blacks wanted gun control, that failed.  Rubio has run into attacks from Fox and other Repubs on his emigration efforts. The gay rights issue is not settled and red states are now getting in the act with laws restricting gay rights.  Women fair pay act, nope, protection of women act, nope, cutting off health care, yep, restricting abortion, yep.  Then there's the recent remarks by repubs from around the country, nigger-rigging, and hunt Mexicans with helicopters just to name 2.  Voter suppression, that falls on minorities the hardest.  Gerrymandering will keep almost every House seat safe, meaning minorities have little chance to be heard.   But, for president and some senate seats, the GOP is at increasing risk.
The democrats are targeting Texas in a long game effort.  The goal, Texas a toss up state by 2018.  But they have to get latinos to vote, currently they don't make much of an effort.  If Texan latinos voted at the same rate as in California, they would have cut Romeny's margin by 1/3 and picked off a couple of house seats.  If they can get eligible latino and blacks to vote near their maximum, 2018 can be competitive in the presidential and a number of congressional and state level seats.

Visit the South Carolina race, election May 7th.  A strong GOP district but polls so far show the democrat with a small lead.


  1. Darrel,
    Pedro and Juanita likely don't Hablo and may be afraid of voting because they are wet backs - But those many bambinos - the are American citizens and they can and will vote.

    That is the group the Democrats need to go after. And, you know how much I like Julian Castro!


    1. Ron, the democratic party is not spinning it's wheels trying to get enligibles to vote. That wouldn't make much sense. The effort is on the eligibles to vote which are not voting as often their Califorinia cousins.


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