Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why do we do that?

*Why was Aurora or Sandy Hook or Tucson not a terrorist act, but Boston was?  They had ideas and beliefs they were acting on, they had grudges and hate, they planned it, they were armed, some of their ideas were copied or learned from provocateurs or killers that proceeded them.
*Why is Congress after the FBI for not foreseeing the crime 2 years before it happened?  They did put him on a no fly list, but his odd name was mis-spelled, regretful but I bet you could write that name down and pass it to the next guy to copy, it would soon be wrong.
*Why does the GOP want so badly to see this citizen end up in Cuba under kangaroo military court?  Military court only convicted 6 muslims since 9-11, hundreds still have not been tried,  through our "actual" court system we have locked away dozens, in fact all of them that went to trial.     In the mean time the military courts have dismissed hundreds of rape cases, even overturning one of the rare convictions recently, and for post 9-11 war crimes, virtually no one is ever found guilty if his uniform was US.
*Why?  To me it appears racial and religious.  I am not so stupid to not notice that Muslims are behind many of the worlds terrorist events the last 2 decades.  Treating them differently though magnifies their importance, helps build their underdog martyr mythology.  Why do we do that?


  1. Ignorance, fear, prejudice ... pick your poison. I work or have worked with Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Catholics, Protestants, and possibly Jews, not to mention agnostics, and atheists, and every last one of them was/is human, with human quirks, foibles, and likable traits. I wouldn't characterize any group according to the actions of one, but then I don't watch Faux News either.

    1. MO; not watching Faux news is one of the things I like best about you.

  2. You just have to look at who's in charge of the asylum. It's gotten to the point where only those so far out as to be beyond the fringe get to be on Faux News?, so they have to keep coming up with crazier shit to throw into the wind.

    Actually this isn't too far beyond the pale, but Beck and Alec Jones certainly are so far out you can't pump daylight to them.


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