Tuesday, April 23, 2013

South Carolina's Elizabeth Colbert Busch with a tiny lead over a tiny opponent.

Think of how humiliating it would be for Republicans to lose one of the reddest congressional seats in the country. It will have national implications for Boehner and his narrow minded majority. 

Well, Elizabeth Colbert Busch has a real chance to knock off Mark Sanford in South Carolina’s special election two weeks from today. That would be quite the upset for a district that Mitt Romney won by 18 points.  2 weeks ago she had a tiny margin, yesterday a poll results show the margin growing a little, she is just safe at the moment and that could change with millions headed in against her.  
Buddy, can you spare $5, $20? At least go to the ECB's web site, click a like or a link, anything to show she has widespread support. 


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