Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wallmart going sustainable? They may face prosecution in Kansas.

Kansas legislature passed a law that counties and cities cannot plan for sustainability or participate in any program federal, or UN, that plans or uses such terms.   That's Republicans idea of local and free community decisions.

Wallmart, some days I hate'm, today I like'm, just announced a plan for total and long term sustainability.  I don't know if they can do that legally in Kansas.  I suspect not.

The nations largest corporate employer has decided that sustainable development is not about being a hippie, rather, it is about efficiency, and cutting waste.  Currently they operate more solar systems than any company in the US, and they intend more, lots more.

100% renewable energy sources by 2020, at a savings of 1 billion dollars.  Most of the new energy source, they will build and own.  They also plan a 20% energy use reduction for every facility they operate.  This positions them beautifully if carbon credits are traded, to have a butt load of them, another profit harvest.  Which side will they be on in the debate about carbon trading?

When a success like Wallmart adopts 100% sustainability as a billion dollar money saver/maker, the copycat entrepreneurs aren't going to be far behind, this could be a tipping point in business.


  1. They may be saving one billion a year come 2020 Fringe. But I'm betting the majority of their employees will still have to use some sort of (Tax payer Funded) food assistance. Not a fan of Walmart my friend.

    1. JOB, me neither, I hate em for the way they use and abuse their people, and flood the market with crap products, push out small town vendors. But at least for the day, I give them cudos for the green energy move, the cut in pollution, and helping to starve fossil fuel corps.
      Thanks for the comment, and stick to it, not being a fan of Walmart is just fine with me.

    2. Fringe, I have not been visiting your blog long. But what little I gather, you are big into protecting the environment. If that's where your passion lies, have at it. It's good to be passionate about issues. If this move by Walmart is a good move for our country, great. But I ask you these few questions. Does Walmart really care about our environment, or green technology? I would think that they are pushing to make money off of an untapped marketing source. Especially considering the fact that 80% of Walmart's suppliers are in a country (China) that now burns more coal than the rest of the world combined. So does Walmart really care about the environment? And do we really want Walmart to be involved in the renewable energy industry? Considering what they've done to the retail industry, not to mention manufacturing and American jobs.

    3. J.O.B.; You may be correct, in fact you are almost for sure correct. They would be doing this mostly to increase their profits. Everything else you say is correct as well, and I agree.

      I still am very happy about this one development. They were going to screw over people, communities, and manufacturers, that hasn't changed.

      What this will accomplish is stop some of the dent in the environment that was to have occurred had they done this or not. With this plan they keep millions of tons of CO2 from being thrown into the sky. And, it takes a billion $ out of the coal and coal fired utilities pockets. For these things, I can see something to like, at least today.
      Thanks, YF

  2. Fringe,
    Shopping at WalMart doesn't bother me nor does the poliferation of the Dollar Trees, Dollar Generals, Save A Lots, Ruler Foods, Family Dollars, and Proceless Food Stores.
    It is all about bang for the buck! Now, I wrote about driving down to the BX and Commissary at Ft Campbell - gas down and back will cost me a twenty. The upside on that is I get away for a day. May leave earlier in the AM and drive another hour to Nashville and hit Campbell on the way home (RTB to GIs) - Do Trader Joes and that Prince's Chicken place (report follows). Oh, shit - gotta be a Saturday - radiation treatment during the week.
    That is fine.
    Schnucks is around the block - Great quality and prices to match. Had to take Mom there today to get her coffee and they have my andouille sausage and vegetable lo mein.
    (mix that with left over chicken from UK land - ain't bad".

    Bests always....


    1. Sarge, you do not have a problem shopping at Walmart? That is fine, as most American middle class consumers do their best to stretch a dollar. But what is the total cost of stretching that dollar? American jobs have been lost. The evidence is there. The biggest private employer in the world trains it's employees how to apply for public assistance. Walmart's retail take over has led to huge environmental ramifications. Not to mention the slave labor in China to go along with no regulations. So next time you're brushing your teeth with that toothpaste purchased from Walmart, remember a few things. A ten year old who most likely makes a few dollars a day manufactured that toothpaste. Which was then shipped by a country that used 3.8 billion tons of coal last year in it's UNREGULATED plants. It got to a shelve near you for a low cost because said retailer now controls the retail market. Said retailer has torn apart American manufacturing and helped destroy this countries very fabric. But they had a lot of help. Namely the American consumer who is trying to stretch a dollar. But there are a few winners in this retail takeover. Namely the Walton heirs, who had a combined net worth of 85 Billion dollars and donated a whopping 1.8% of it to various charities. The CEO doesn't do to bad for himself either. In 2011, Mike Duke made more per hour than 73% of his employees made all year.
      In closing Sarge, I would love to see you not shop their anymore.
      BTW- Sorry to hear about the radiation treatment. Keep your chin up Bud.


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