Sunday, May 12, 2013

0.3% of the worlds scientist say this is wrong.

Here's that hockey stick chart showing the worlds averaged temperature from 10,000BC in blue, and modeled in red for the next few years.  Congress has held hearings on this trying to prove it's wrong, they never did, investigations for years have proved and reproved it is correct, though many in the GOP strutted about as if they won.  Now 3 more studies by others are being published, they confirm it and carry it further, one authored by 30 scientist shows an even harsher future.

One group of skeptics claim they have 30,000 scientist from around the world signed up saying it's a hoax.  Well, some are looking at the list, there are no checks on this, you just sign on line and sha-zam whatever.  Do you know how many real science degrees are out there?  30 k is a teeny tiny itsey bitsey 0.3% of the worldwide estimated number of scientist.  I would not brag if thats all I could get, and I would not let the list out, for sure many will not have a degree any field of science, let alone climate scinence.

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