Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10,000 years of farming practice flipped by the court

Monsanto won a lawsuit against a farmer yesterday in the Supreme Court.  That farmer is bankrupt now, he owes more than his farm is worth.  All because he saved a little bit of last years harvest for seed, that is how farming worked for the 10,000 years BM (before monsanto).
Monsanto has carved out a new right for products.  Single use, this is going to be big.  You break the law if you reuse the seed, you must buy seed from them each year.  Monsanto seeds are poison resistant, plant them then wash the field in chemicals.  No anyone with cancer?
Can Ford get in on this, you should have to repurchase your car if you use it a second time.  What about Music, buy a CD and it plays once.  For the fridge and toaster, same.  I think the public is going to soon find the Monsanto patent model spreading to other things.

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