Thursday, May 30, 2013

Exxon CEO doesn't care what damage is done.

Today, Dallas Texas, the Exxon Mobile shareholders meeting, CEO Rex Tillerson:
"What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers?"  Actually his concerns are "if profits suffer".

This is what the fossil fuel industry believes.  Fuck it all just make money, lots of money.  This is the face of modern capitalism, disgusting, relentless, greedy, callous, remorseless.

STAY OUT OF exxon mobile stations,  BUY NOTHING!  Find a way to save your money when energy is involved, we have to retain our personal and collective wealth, keep it from the fossil fuel industry.

After the speech, they then voted down a stockholders motion to treat gays with respect.
See the cartoon I posted a couple days ago.

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  1. I boycott Citco, not because of corporate policy (actually I would like to support Citco because of some of their policies, like helping poor people with their heating oil), but because of the local distributor who owns most of the local Citco stations. He's a price gouging Ass-Whole. Snow in the forecast, raise the price of gas, snowmobilers are coming. College classes start next week, raise the prices. Problem is most of the other stations follow suit!!


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