Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to collect for pool construction. erotica 101, chapter 1

Back in the late 1980's the wife and I were friends with a couple from our early school days.   The guy managed a company that built pools, nice expensive pools.  He sometimes had trouble getting final payment on a job.  One guy was driving him nuts with little delays and complaints, every time he resolved a problem and tried to pick up the check, the guy raised another fuss.

Our friends were a good looking couple, in fact the wife was a knock out and an avowed exhibitionist with kinky tendencies.  The picture here is not her, but fairly close, and she had more damn bikinis than a department store.  She had one with a v front bottom  like this, only deeper, made her husband and me really happy every time she wore it, it's the one she used when she was in collection mode.

Together they hatched a plan to put an end to it.  They set an appointment but avoid the front door, instead march around back to the pool, the guy and his wife come out and sure as hell starts bitching.  Our friend does a little strip tease down to her bikini, struts around, jumping in and climbing out giggling and cooing and the top, I saw it wet a couple times, it ain't worth a shit wet, hides nothing.  Well the guy can't talk, he's following her like a puppy, the wife is pissed, the teenage kids come out to gawk, a neighbors shows up grinning.  Sha-zam the wife produces a check.

After that she went to a lot of final payment events, and they said most worked like that, they got the check.   It got worse, she would ask the guys to come to the pump and filter and she would tell them how to operate and clean it.  I imagine a few spent the night on the couch for enjoying class so much.

Stay tuned, chapter 2 in a few days.

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