Monday, May 13, 2013

400 ppm and poison ivy

The last time the earth had CO2 levels of 400 parts per million homo sapiens had not arrived, and the earth was 14°F warmer than today.  FOURTEEN.  Tomato's and sweet corn die long before it gets 125-130°.
A study made public in Oslo by scientist in Britain, Columbia, Australia, predict 57% of plants species and 34% animal species will be driven from the zone they live in by heat and CO2 rises.  Only 4 percent of plants will benefit from it.
Poision Ivy is one of a very few plants that benefits, grown in high levels of CO2, it grows bigger, faster and the toxic oil more potent.   Enjoy.


  1. Darrel,
    As long as we have US senators like Jim Inhofe - You are charging windmills.
    Now, I love you for your passion about protecting the environment and I want you to comtinue - But, face it - It is all about money...

    Great post.
    You reminded me about where Mom walks the dog.
    A bit of Round Up might be needed.


  2. Don't burn poison ivy, the smoke is almost as toxic as the plant.

  3. Ron, i'm really confused now. So where ever that dog shits weeds grow? What is she feeding it parakeet seed, or ditch fodder? I think your on to something, patent that dog and sell it to Monsanto so they can come back later and sell round-up.

  4. Kulkuri, West of here a 10 years ago they bulldozed a shelter belt, the tree lines planted to stop erosion during the end of the dust storms in the 30's. The cat driver poured set the downed trees on fire, ended up in the hospital with poison ivy damage to his lungs.


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