Saturday, May 11, 2013

400 parts per million

Highest levels of CO2 in about 3 million years.  200 to 300 ppm was the norm until the industrial revolution.  350 ppm is what science indicates is the safe level, above that the warming will tend to fold back on it's self, multiply, and happen faster and faster.  Last week the monitor on Hawaii jumped to 400 for the first time, and ahead of what had been hoped for.  As climate skeptics like to point out, the models are not perfect, and the error unfortunately is constantly in the wrong direction, it's getting worse faster.

CO2 in the atmosphere lets light waves pass through, but blocks infrared waves from escaping.  It's the greenhouse affect.  That has worked for us, keeping the goldilocks world happy, not to cold, not to warm, just right.  Now too much CO2 is overheating the earth and will upset the agricultural systems we need for survival.  The earth will go on, it just won't support the cats dogs cows people and polar bears in the numbers or comfort we have now.

It's the ocean or volcanos say skeptics, not fossil fuel use.  Well just as science can trace radioactive fallout or stolen atomic fuel to the place it was mined and the place it was enriched, so too CO2 has a fingerprint.  The CO2 in the atmosphere from fossil fuel has a different fingerprint.  Scientist know the 400 ppm is from your tailpipe, the smokestack, the cement kiln, the leaking gas well.

Write a letter urging action to the state house, DC, the retirement fund manager, the paper, the stupid blogger world, your crazy uncle urging action.  Then, buy another CF bulb, drive less, and turn the water heater down.

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