Wednesday, May 29, 2013

progress is good if you can get it

The government announced it will buy another 10,000 hybrid cars in the next couple of years.  They currently have 10,400 hybrids.  Adding the new ones will bring hybrids to 10% of the fleet.  Savings is hard to predict, depends on what they replace, buy and how much use it gets.  It is estimated it will save at least $10 million in fuel.
This is right up Ernest Moniz the new Secretary of Energy's street.  His first speech claimed fuel and energy efficiency is going to be his main thing.  Maybe he will get the department off it's ass, they delayed for years a new standard on appliances that would save us all hundreds of dollars a year if they were in place now.
The sticky part of this is he also said he wants to let the states decide some of the energy efficiency issues.  That will mean state by state fights with the Kochs on every stinking building code or phone charger.  We already see the results of this, Virginia and North Carolina are trying or have blocked Tesla sales in their states on the grounds they must pay a dealer.  Sure it's partly the businessmans version of a union job, (coal shoveler on the diesel electric locomotive) but it's a lot to do with keeping the demand for oil high, the Kochs are right in there with the car dealers on this, anything to stall the change.

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