Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Breasts in Paris, breast cancer in England

A few years ago I was in Paris and a number of billboards around the city showed a nude well shaped breast, with a few lines of text I couldn't read.  Eventually I ask what these beautiful and erotic advertisements were about.  I was told it said, Beautiful isn't it? Get a breast cancer exam!  You gotta love Europe for directness.

During the last half of World War II and the first few years after, women in England experienced a big decline in breast cancer.   Why?  Studies found that the war time diet of the island nation shifted to high level of plant based diet as meat production fell and most the meat was sent to the army.  Economy in milling efforts put an end to most white flour, whole grain breads were the norm.  Sugar became scarce.
This diet yields less breast cancer, less of all cancers.

Sadly, a few years after the war the diet went back to sugar, meat and white flour, breast cancer returned to earlier levels.  Eat your fruit and vegi's.

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