Friday, May 3, 2013

GOP just another brick in the wall

I saw some information about various ethnic groups voting.  Turns out Arizona and Georgia (under current trends of which party we vote for) will turn blue in a very few years, Texas by mid the 30's.  If the democrats can get latinos to vote in these states at the same high rate as they do in California then Texas could be in play in only a few years, really soon.  Gerrymandering is going to be more and more difficult for the GOP.  (And before you jump to conclusions, these numbers are on the growth of legally eligible voters, so don't veer off on the illegals or voter fraud bullshit, this is citizens coming of age and voting.)

Another interesting thing, white people vary on how many vote democrat region to region.  Blacks, hispanics, asians, almost no variation from state to state city to city, they know who the racists are and rarely vote for that elephant in the room.

The things the GOP are doing now with immigration, health care, attack on civil rights, gun control (minorities are for gun control by hugh margin, they been taking the hit), jobs and the constant racist remarks by politicians is ensuring they cannot pull enough hispanics over to prevent their own near term decline.  I think they may be able to win a couple more elections with the backlash of rich and redneck and religious whites, but the end is near, 10 years, some of these old white senators won't live to see it, and their passing will speed it.  I hate what they are doing, but I also see it as a rock on the gas pedal, brick wall ahead, yank it Fox, yank it out of park, lets see it go.


  1. Amen!
    I still believe in both age and term limits.
    And, no lobbyist jobs after serving in the Congress.


  2. I hope I live long enough to see the FuckingRepublicans become the Whigs of the 21st century. Talk about coming full circle!!

    I agree on no lobbying jobs after Congress.

    I've noticed that most of those in favor of term limits are those whose party can't win and they think if those that are winning can't run again, their people will have a chance to win. It has worked in most of the states where term limits have been enacted. Michigan is a good example of how term limits has made the situation worse rather than better. They've lost the institutional memory, in that there is no one left to say, "We tried that shit ten years ago. It didn't work then and won't work now" Just look at the stupid shit being considered in state houses and even worse the stuff that passes and gets signed into law!!

    Instead what we need is a clear choice in candidates. Why vote for FuckingRepublican Lite when you can vote for the real thing!!??


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