Saturday, May 25, 2013

E cars follow up

The EPA just approved the 2013 Nissan Leaf to claim 75 mile range on a 90% charge.  Not many errands around town exceed 75 miles.   I keep milage records on my sales calls, and that would cover most of my multi-stop visits to local customers.


  1. Darrel,
    Where are the charging stations?
    No infastructure is out there yet to support electric vehicles - Hybrids yes.


  2. I will guarantee you that Evansville, Indiana does not have a single charging station. At least I am ignorant of one..


  3. At least two locations in Evansville, one set is in a parking garage, the other is at Nissan dealer but access to the public. In my town there are 5 or 6, 3 are at different properties owned by the electric company and open to the public. In Indianopolis there are over 30, in Kansas city the same. It's coming, don't get all worked up, the first combustion engine cars faced the same thing for a few years, not place to get gas, plus they had no roads, cattle trails and wagon ruts, the infrastructure is easy for this compared to that.
    The charger station changes AC to DC for the batteries. There are some new non contact chargers available. I sold to Boeing some electric remote control vehicles to carry the 787 around the building, 2 million a copy, they don't have to plug in, just get within a few inches from the charger. Same is now being used for city busses in some places, burried in the street, at each stop the bus gets a jolt just by stopping over it, enough to push it down the road.

    1. Oh, forgot, unlike gas cars, everyone that gets an E car is charging it at home for a few cents. The charging stations just make it easier, if your parking garage has chargers then while your shopping or working you can add a few miles of juice. I just saw an article that Kohls department store and Whole Foods are adding chargers to their parking lots, others will follow, you don't get left out on a fad and survive as a cool marketer.

  4. The Old Lady reminded me that there was a charging station at the hotel(Springhill Suites) we stayed at in Grand Junction, CO this Spring. It was one where you swipe your credit card to pay for the charge. Also it was "Rock Star parking", closest spot to the entrance.


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