Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lay off 450 from hospital/clinics in my town

One of the hospitals here, also an owner of lots of clinics in the area, says business has fallen off so steeply they are cutting 400 to 450 within 45 days.

Most the people here do not have health insurance, and we that do are running into higher copays every year.  I think the price of healthcare is causing lots of families to cease seeking care.  Priced out of the market, left to live suffer & die.  Welcome to the third world.  Maybe Bill Gates will start trying to keep our kids from dying in the first year, launch a vaccination program here,  our rate is the highest of any industrialized nation.


  1. Darrel,
    Dear friend, you are completely ignorant of the available plans out there for low income people.
    Now, I cannot speak for what Brownback is doing in Kansas. But, if you are unable to qualify for Medicaid because you make too much money but not covered by you employer- there are all sorts of plans out there that are very inexpensive.
    I sold a Hooter girl (she would not consent to the field physical) a $10K deductible on in-patient and a $25 MD visit - a meds were $15.
    Did that for $72 a month! She told me that she did three times that on a Saturday double shift.

    High in-patient deductible, and a manageable co pay for primary care and meds is the key...

    Darrel, too many agents are focused on commissions and not people. I sold the shit ouut of those Gerber baby policies that didn't pay me shit because that was a great product!. Got a trip out of it to Vancouver.


  2. So your saying hospitals should not lay off here because homeless people and min-wage guys can buy a 10,000 deductable policy. I don't think the possibility of people buying insurance is what the decision is being made on, it's being made on the fact people are staying home, not getting cancer tests, ignoring bloody stool, lumps. Tell me if I was working part time bringing home 15k why I would sign up to send off 72 a month for the privilege of paying 10k for health coverage, whats the risk, I go fucking bankrupt, what they going to do, take away the condo in Aspen? Either way, the 10k up front would bankrupt them as sure as not having insurance. Now, I can choke up the 10k, so for me that could be a good deal, it would pick up everything after that, keep me from losing the cars and house.

    1. I see your point!
      But, what she was after was MD visits - trust me; my client was beyond healthy! And, right now if the 38th Street Hooters was still open and the Pacers in the play offs - $200 a night in tips. She moved to the downtown store...
      And, this is May and what happens in May in Indianapolis?




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