Monday, May 13, 2013

Well, but don't you wonder what they found?

Did the IRS audits of tea baggers turn up a higher than normal amount of tax cheating?  Look, the police patrol where the crime levels are the highest, why's that?  The game warden checks licenses of people fishing, why's that?  The border guards are most often put near the border, why's that?  Don't you wonder if they found a high level of cheating from a group who's stated goal is to not pay taxes, that and to try to spark  some crazy fuckers to harm government officials.  Wonder what they found.


  1. Darrell Issa was just on Wolf Blitzer decrying the IRS going after the conseervatives; Hey, didn't the Republicans invent "rat fucking" under Nixon.


  2. During the last administration the IRS went after those claiming Earned Income Tax Credit because they were ordered to by Congress. IOKIYAR!!


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